Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Vance Lovelace Becomes More Special

From a Dodgers press release:

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that they have named Vance Lovelace to the newly created title of Director of Pro Scouting, Special Advisor to the GM. The announcement was made by Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti.

"In my four years with the Dodgers, Vance has proven himself to be a trusted advisor and a keen judge of baseball talent on the Major League level," said Colletti. "I think he will flourish in his new role overseeing all of our professional scouts and I look forward to strengthening our working relationship in 2010 and beyond. His passion for baseball and for the Dodger organization will help many advance to a higher level."

Lovelace, 46, joined the Dodger organization as a professional scout in 2001. On Nov. 7, 2006, he was promoted to Special Assistant to the General Manager, where he dealt mainly with pro scouting and reported directly to the General Manager, advising Colletti on roster moves and player acquisitions.

Lovelace joins Tommy Lasorda, Don Newcombe and Frank Jobe as those with the title of "Special Advisor to the Chairman." No idea where that places him in relation to Logan White (Assistant GM, Scouting).

UPDATE: From Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts:

Though he lacks their assistant general manager titles, this move puts Lovelace virtually on a par with Logan White (amateur scouting), DeJon Watson (player development) and Kim Ng (administration - i.e., everything else).


Neeebs (The Original) said...

There's an interesting post on Dodgerdivorce.com essentially outlining the financial restraints and a look how this will impact the future.

More interesting is the lack of a SOSG link on the left side of the website under the heading "Respected Perspectives."

What gives? Did SOSG piss off the blogger? Did you guys not share nicely on blogger day? Did Erin get all of the attention? :-)

Does the blogger consider SOSG an "Unrespectable" site? And while I'm at it, there's no DodgerBlues there either. TrueblueLA represents, as does DodgerThoughts. Geesh.

I'm done now.

Orel said...

Lack of inclusion in "Respected Perspectives" doesn't necessarily equal disrespect, but thanks for fighting the good fight, Neeebs! That's why we love ya!

rbnlaw said...

I just like Neeebs as a friend. Love is a pretty strong word at this point in our relationship.

As for our beloved Dodgers, what up with all the front office moves? I really don't think the belt tightening at the top is going to translate to additions on the field. I'd really like some "player-centric" news in the next few days.