Monday, August 10, 2009

Ump Truck?

Seen on the 405 South this weekend:


Ferio said...

Manute Bol's a Dodger fan?

Hong Like a Chih Kuo said...

I don't have much access to the blogs on the weekends b/c I'm too cheap to pay for internet service at my house. But after quickly skimming the game threads and post games, I didn't see the shenanigan umpiring in the 5th inning of Friday's game. I'll recount the events in case you've been away: 3-2 count to Ethier with Furcal on 1st. Furcal breaks to steal 2nd base on the pitch, is thrown out easily by McCann and you can see in the same frame that Ethier has strike 3 called. But Ethier trots down to 1st as if it was ball 4. Why did the home plate umpire reverse this call? It led to Casey's 3 run homer, but doomed the Dodgers karmically for the rest of the series. Why is it so hard to be an major league umpire? These guys are trained professionals, right? Because a one eyed monkey with his finger up his hoohaw could have made that call. Didn't anyone else find the events of the Dodgers 5th on Friday a bit shady?

Also, umping issues of note: Shane Victorino was ejected by home plate umpire for gesturing in a disapproving manor in what was perceived as arguing balls and strikes. Victorino was playing in center field at the time of his ejection.

I'd support the league switching to some sort of electronic strike zone and boundary call system and ditch the umpire all together.

Josh S. said...

Uwe Boll?

Orel said...

MLB's Black Eye: Not P-E-Ds, but U-M-Ps (Sporting News blog)