Friday, August 14, 2009

Post-Game 116 Thread: Playing Down


The Dodgers played down to their inabilities tonight, blowing a chance to gain ground on the losing Rockies and Giants. The Diamondbacks trotted out a lineup filled with unknowns, yet they battered Clayton Kershaw in the fourth second inning, scoring four runs as they batted around the order. But Kershaw recovered to prevent further damage, and Joe Torre pulled him in the fifth after 97 pitches.

Dan Haren was effective but the Dodgers had plenty of chances to score. Manny went 3-for-4 and Matt Kemp bopped a solo homer, but the Dodgers ended up stranding eight — six in scoring position. Blargh. Hopes of a sweep fall by the wayside; now let's see if we can make this a series win.


NicJ said...

Manny goes 3-4, the first three batters go 0fer. Russel looked lost at the plate tonight. Loney continues to prove dusto right.

Hopefully the whole team will start to hit better now that manny is coming back into form. Maybe move o dog and kemp back up.

JuanLove said...

i agree Nic J
time for O-Dog to go in the 2 hole
put manny 3rd
ethier 4th
kemp 5th

Kyle Baker said...

So...f'in...frustrating when we have RISP but can't bring them in. Elevate the ball out of the outfield, folks. Oh, also don't hit it right to the guys with gloves.

Russell - WTF, dawg? My patience is waning.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I'm starting to get frustrated with Loney batting so high when he can't do anything. He needs to be dropped lower until he can regain his confidence. Right now he's just detrimental to the offense.

Greg Zakwin said...

It was the second inning that Arizona scored the runs in, not the 4th.

I actually thought Kershaw was ok that inning, a little wild, but he got squeezed on a few (though the angled camera view sucks, it should always be a direct view, so maybe the angle screwed up my perception), and ground balls just found holes. Plus Furcal HAS GOT TO catch Haren's weak liner. He has to.

Mr. LA Sports Fan- Loney and Blake should never bat in front of Kemp. Never, never, never.

Torre can't put a lineup together to save his life.

Steve Sax said...

@KempKershaw: corrected. Thanks.

Even with that shaky second inning, I thought we could make a comeback. It's the Diamondbacks for Pete's sake. But we couldn't get to Haren, and that was that.

Unknown said...

Haren has always owned Martin. Today would have actually been a decent day to rest Russ, if it had not been for the off-day. That said, he actually hit Haren hard at least twice.

Too bad Manny's long fly ball was just short of being almost a carbon copy of Bison's homer. That would have really changed the game dynamics.

rbnlaw said...

I'm working on my time machine as we speak. Going back two weeks, kidnapping Colletti, and making the trade for Victor Martinez. He can catch, play 1st, and hit.
What's not to like?

Loney Fan said...

I had to drive through Arizona and back to the Phoenix airport for eight hours of total drive time on Wednesday. All I heard on every radio station were promos for last night's game. They talked about it on all the sports talk radio stations, they had all sorts of ticket deals to try to pack the stands, they even played clips of crowds chanting "beat LA". They are struggling this year and know their playoff chances are slim to none. They have nothing more important to play for than beating the Dodgers at home. We, on the other hand, can't worry about every game like that. I think we have to start getting ready for "bad" teams to come into games with the passion of a playoff game because they are only interested in taking down the mighty Dodgers

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Loney Fan - "Slim to none" is a compliment.

Josh S. said...

I turned it off after the Bison home run and hoped for the best. Too bad "the best" was only holding AZ scoreless for the rest of the game.