Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Game 108 vs. Brewers, Aug. 5: Pre-Game Notes


  • Reluctant to engage in speculation regarding last night. "I just expect baseball to be played tonight."
  • Acknowledges players getting hit is different than it used be — players are more sensitive to it now.
  • In Torre's playing days, pitchers hit him several times early in his career just to see how he'd react. Invoked names of Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale (although Torre says Gibson is incorrectly regarded as an inside pitcher).
  • "There are certain aspects of the game — keeping hitters uncomfortable is part of it. And I'm not saying that means you hit them."
  • No Manny Ramirez tonight, will be back tomorrow. Matt Kemp might get tomorrow off.
  • Probably won't use Hong-Chih Kuo or Guillermo Mota tonight.
  • What he's looking for from Jason Schmidt: Mainly location. The difference between his fastball and changeup. Curveball could be key.
  • Torre can see both sides of the debate about releasing the 104-name PED list.


  • Miniature THIS IS MY TOWN billboards are above the lockers of their respective players.
  • Surreal: Watching ESPN talk about what was going on in the Dodgers clubhouse...while in the Dodgers clubhouse.
  • Manny swinging off a tee with Don Mattingly coaching him.
  • Mark Sweeney throwing batting practice.
  • Andre Ethier CRUSHING the ball in BP (which I'm told is a regular occurrence).
  • Matt Kemp, wearing a BEAST MODE T-shirt, checking out his bobblehead (giveaway is August 19).

photo by Orel/SoSG


Alex Cora said...

Was ESPN correct about what was going on in the locker room?

Orel said...

In terms of the Dodgers not realizing Fielder was trying to huff and puff and blow the door down? Yes.

JBJ-1138 said...

read it and weep..
or should i say "reap"

Orel said...

I hope FB gets the proceeds from that.

Nic j said...

He should he has the name "Brim Reaper" trademarked.