Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dodgers Acquire Injury Bug from Mets for PTBNL

Yesterday alone:

  • Jason Schmidt is moved to the 15-day disabled list with a "right shoulder issue." The issue is that his right shoulder prevents him from not being bad. Schmidt's locker was empty, meaning this could be the end for him.
  • Chad Billingsley strains his left hamstring after hitting a single in the sixth inning. (Fortunately, it wasn't the same hamstring that cramped up in Atlanta on Sunday.)
  • Scott Elbert, after being named Sunday's starter, throws 13 pitches and allows two earned runs. This after throwing six pitches in Thursday's game.
  • Manny Ramirez goes 0-for-3 with two strikeouts, raising yet more questions about whether is right hand is still hurt.

(Mets fans: "And...?")

While we wait for updates on Billingsley's condition, the quest for a fifth starter continues. The current candidates are Elbert, Eric Stults and James McDonald (who pitched two innings of scoreless relief last night). With both the Giants and Rockies 6.5 games back, a waiver-wire pickup might also be a possibility.

Feel bad about our lack of starting pitching depth? We're not alone: The Red Sox, lauded in the first half of the season for their many starting rotation options, aren't quite as flexible now, writes Tom Verducci of

UPDATE: Billingsley injury looks more serious this time (Dodger Thoughts)


Josh S. said...

The Curse of Ryan Church.

(As opposed to the Church of Ryan Curse.)

Kyle Baker said...

Heh...claimed injury bug off waivers.

Kyle Baker said...

I'll be up in the yard tonight, wearing the luckiest gear I can drag out. Meantime, I'm going to try to brew some sort of lucky potion to sprinkle around the bullpen.

Orel said...

Should be a good one. I expect Kershaw to be on.

Kyle Baker said...

How could Kershaw not be on with the lucky potion I sprinkle around the bullpen? Or will I just make him THINK that I did, thereby giving him the courage to pitch a great game, all the while it was always within him to do so without the benefit of magic?

Greg Zakwin said...

I hope McDonald gets the opportunity to start in the near future.

Dusty Baker- You could always put a bottle of cognac in the Braves bullpen and hope Kawakami finds it.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I hate the Church of Ryan Curse. Always coming to my door. Those bastards.

Dusty, I think if Kershaw saw you sprinkling dust around the bullpen, the last thing he would think of is magic potion. The first? Anthrax.

Josh S. said...

My main solace is that August sucked pretty bad last year, too.

karina said...

Dusty, loved your Harry Potter reference!