Monday, August 03, 2009


If Andre Ethier were a football player, and a center, this is what the quarterback would see.

Yesterday we noted that DODGERLIFE events tended to appeal to the well-heeled. But we had no idea just how many well-heeled Dodger fans are out there. This article should give you an idea. From "Yoga mats in the Dodger Stadium outfield" at the LA Times:

[The Dodgers] recently offered a fishing trip with pitchers Brent Leach and James McDonald. That brought in about $11,000.

[Dodgers President/COO Dennis] Mannion said events like these could eventually bring in more money than tickets, concessions or parking. The three nights the team offered batting practice -- in which fans could work on their swing under the stadium lights -- brought in about $170,000. [...]

Players typically get paid for their appearances unless the event is for philanthropic purposes, a Dodgers spokeswoman said. [...]

The [Andre Ethier] yoga event brought in about $10,000. The team said Ethier was not paid because a portion of the take went to charity, although a spokeswoman would not say how much.

The article points out the Dodgers aren't alone: Teams across Major League Baseball are using their stadiums, and players, in non-traditional ways to generate revenue. Now I'm curious to find out what the players' appearance fees are. Is it worth it for them, or do teams pressure them into these appearances? Or both?

It appears the days of stadiums hosting only ballgames and ballplayers just playing ball are coming to an end. This will result in a new generation of media-savvy players — not necessarily a bad thing, especially if these players leverage their celebrity to benefit charitable causes.

If Mannion's prediction does come true, then this new marketing paradigm will be as common as bobblehead and Webkinz giveaways. And eventually, the only thing separating the players from the fans will be the stadium fences.

photo by Ringo H.W. Chiu/LA Times


Fred's Brim said...

I like that these options are out there - it seems like a much more intimate experience that seeing some scrub reliever at a card show in a hotel conference room

I would try this though.

It would be interesting to see what the breakdown would be. Dre's gotta get something from that, especially if not all of it goes to Charity.

And I dont think the NY teams have caught onto this thinking as much. The Mets had a night where you could watch a road game from a Broadway theatre, but I havent seen the creative events like yoga or sleeping on the outfield. Then again, i wouldnt want some arseholes from long island tearing up my field

Kyle Baker said...

I was watching a recent Hated Ones broadcast, so caught some of their marketing and sales ploys. Many were similar to ones the Dodgers are running, like showing a movie and sleeping in the outfield.

For the record, they are going to be showing "Kung Fu Panda," appropriately enough. My wife, who both works at DreamWorks Animation and loathes Giants, took exception to this venture.

Eric Stephen said...

Dusty Baker,

You have a good woman. She's a keeper! :)

Ken said...

These DodgerLife events appeal to people with very deep pockets, like the Premium seats at the ballpark.

I could not imagine doing some of these events due to the cost of them. $200 to sleep at Dodger Stadium is not something I can afford at the moment. I am glad they are making revenue this way, so they don't raise ticket prices (or at least not too much). It is a nice offset for the organization and for the fans.

Kyle Baker said...


Good point in that these activities can likely offset possible increases in ticket prices. Now I don't doubt that such increases are always a consideration, but still, it could be looked at revenue enhancement that mitigates other price increases (eg parking, tix prices).

To put a fine point on it, I want those rich yoga people to keep shelling it out so that beer prices might go down.

Ken said...

Haha I agree with you DB,

The more expensive events they have, and the more people pay for it, I hope they would offset the prices we pay for tickets. Or maybe the team could even afford another addition to the roster or two.

Either way, I am happy with these Dodger Life events, but not so happy with the how baseball have become so inpersonal for the average fan.

Paul said...

They should bring some of the old timers back for this like "Beat a water cooler with Kevin Brown" or "Get a look of disgust and a moody insult from Jeff Kent."

"Get a manicure with Ismael Valdes" I could go on and on with bad ideas.

Steve Sax said...

"Fireworks night with Vince Coleman" should work for the Mets.

Steve Sax said...

@Ken, @Dusty: Great point that DodgerLife is an income transfer from the rich Dodgers fans to the poor, keeping ticket prices low for others. I wasn't thinking about that as I unrolled my yoga mat, but that not only makes sense, but it seems like a fair transfer of wealth in my book.

Paul said...

Self Defense classes with Jose Offerman...

Ken said...

Shouldn't it be blister prevention with Ismael Valdez?

Wesley Vento said...

this post, is for the ladies.

Paul said...

I thought it was a cracked you are right blisters ahh well I would save my money and go to "Beat the snot out of Ismael Valdes with E. Karros night."

Alex Cora said...

Karate Kick Time Belcher with Chan Ho Park.

Alex Cora said...

Oops, Tim.

Jimbo said...

- Lima Time with Jose Lima
- Practical Joking with Eric davis
- Art of Hitting with Wilton Guerrero
- Public Speaking with Kevin Malone
- Whiskey Shot Night with Joe Beimel

Kyle Baker said...

Harkening back to last night's PGT, I would love to see what "A Night with Steve Garvey" would look like.

Also, I guess they really couldn't do anything legal to tie in with Steve Howe.

Kyle Baker said...

Couple of stadium sales notes:

1) Why the hell can't they get Casey Blake t-shirts now more than a year after he's been here? I've seen jerseys, but no tees. For god's sake they have DeWitt tees, but no Beard. This frustrates my wife, her sister, and me to no end. See, that's at least three sales right there.

2) I know he's gone, but they should look to sell Joe Beimel bathrobes like the custom one he had made to wear out to the on-field celebration after we won the NL West last year. That was super fly, Joe.

Ken said...


I would love a Steve Garvey night, because I never met him.

As for the Blake shirt, you are gonna have to buy the personalized ones on MLB shop. The bathrobe, hmm not too sure about that one. I would still love a Joe Beimel bobblehead, though.