Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chicago, Chicago is a Helluva Town

One lucky Chicago fan was given the gentleman's escort out of Wrigley yesterday after dousing Shane Victorino mid-play. Eagles fans - you've got competition.

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UPDATE: Victorino: Fan needs to be accountable (AP/


Greg Zakwin said...

Too bad they got the wrong guy.

Paul said...

That one picture of Victorino is odd, best way for me to describe it is it looks like he was hit by the Emperor's lighting bolts.

rbnlaw said...

Makes the Battery Chuckers by the Bay seem quaint.

Well, no, not really. It's a shame the "Loyal" Cubs' fans have so little faith in their team that they need to try to effect the outcome of a laugher of a game.

Paul said...

It is because Wrigley serves Old Style, that wretched stuff causes an immediate reflex to throw it away.

Steve Sax said...

"You can throw water at my body, but don't throw it at my head." (repeated about 10,000 times)

--Shane Victorino

NicJ said...

Landon Donovan got piss thrown at him this yesterday and just tested positive for H1N1. So this is kids stuff.

Also, aren't phillie fans known for throwing stuff at their own players?

rbnlaw said...

True or playing? I read the bit about the fans puking up a beer to throw at him.

The US Soccer fed should refuse to play at Azteca until the Mexicans get their asshole fans in line. There is no hope for Cubbie fans.

Greg Zakwin said...