Saturday, August 01, 2009

All Hail Big Daddy Drew

Drew Magary, a.k.a. Big Daddy Drew, a.k.a. the best thing about Kissing Suzy Kolber, is also a regular contributor to Deadspin. And since we're not going to see, say, Bill Simmons making fun of Red Sox fans who are shocked, shocked that David Ortiz used PEDs, Magary has picked up the slack:

In Which We Drink In The Hilarious Naivete Of Red Sox Nation (Deadspin)

Well done, sir.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

It's about time Red Sox fans are knocked off their high-horse.

Steve Sax said...

And for all the Red Sox fans who chastised Manny for his usage, with holier-than-thou attitudes:

how's it feel now, suckers?

Kyle Baker said...

Bronson Arroyo. Manny. Ortiz. etc.

Why pick on Manny, so-called Red Sox Nation? Go back to being more like lovable loser Cubs type fans.

Megalomaniac said...

As a Dodger fan living in the heart of "Red Sox Nation," I gotta say...this is great. Hahaha

rbnlaw said...

Red Sox fans almost make me like the Yankees.

Almost. I just hate the Yanks less than the Sox now.