Sunday, July 19, 2009

Schmidt's Comeback Tour

According to Jason Schmidt is coming back. I know our rotation is a little spotty, but does anyone think that he is the savior? Or is this just a band-aid before the July 31st trading deadline?

photo by Morry Gash/AP


rbnlaw said...

Lose/lose for Schmitty.
Win? Big deal, it was the Reds.
Lose? What, you can't beat the Reds?

NicJ said...

If the season continues to be as special as it has been. It just may be the answer. Realistically probably not though.

Josh S. said...

If he's as dependable as Milton (when he was healthy) or Weaver were, then great!

karina said...

I'm actually rooting very hard for this guy. Never counted on him and it's quite the surprise.