Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Russell Martin in the WSJ

Unfortunately, it's not a good mention. Martin is named as one of the top three fantasy busts, along with Alfonso Soriano and Garrett Atkins:

Russell Martin (Average Draft Position of 41.39): He was the first catcher taken in most drafts but hits the halfway mark with just two home runs in 283 at bats and a .258 average.

Here's hoping Martin has a much better second half. He's not the only one under-performing this year, but it is surprising to see our former All-Star representative struggling so badly this year.


rbnlaw said...

I just don't get fantasy leagues.

Martin is showing signs of turning it around, but I doubt many stat-obsessed fantasy leaguers will stick with him.

Matt said...

I don't get that people play fantasy baseball. The season is so long and there are so many games. All I can take is 17 weeks of football.