Monday, July 06, 2009

Old Relievers Pining for Dodger Blue

Eric Gagne and Joe Beimel were fan favorites at Dodger Stadium, and both of them would like to recapture some of that old magic. And for some reason, the LA Times felt compelled to send their few baseball reporters not covering Manny's return in San Diego to Quebec and Washington, D.C., to get the players' full stories:

Game (not) over for former Dodger Eric Gagne (LA Times)
Joe Beimel longs to make his home in L.A. (LA Times)

Note to Ned Colletti: Pedro Martinez is still available too. Why not make it a full pitchers' reunion?


Baseball Cynic said...

Of course! Who wouldn't want to play for the next team that wins the World Series!

Josh S. said...

Weird. I thought Joe Beimel had cleaned up, found Jesus, and changed his name to Brent Leach.