Monday, July 20, 2009

Juan Pierre Still a Bit Salty

From "Juan Pierre finally gets his due" by Kevin Baxter at the LA Times:

Then came last Thursday, when Pierre heard something he'd heard only rarely in his 2 1/2 seasons as a Dodger.

It was the sound of cheering. A standing ovation, in fact.

"I heard it," Pierre said. "But I didn't realize they were standing up. For the fans to do that, it means a lot.

"I wasn't expecting it at all. I was surprised. And shocked." [...]

[Pierre's first-half performance] led to talk of an All-Star berth and inspired last week's ovation in Pierre's first appearance at Dodger Stadium since Ramirez's return.

And while Pierre was humbled by both -- "it feels good that they appreciate what you've done," he said -- all has not been forgotten.

"A year ago if something like this would have happened. Two years [ago], it would have meant a lot more to me," he said. "I know what I can do and how I perform.

"Maybe they take notice a little bit more. But basically it's what I've done all my career. Nothing's going to change on my part."

(Emphasis mine.) Bitter much, Beast Mode? Before we rush to anoint Pierre the next Mitch Jones, remember that Pierre's making $10 million this year, the third of his five-year, $44 million contract. Pierre may claim everything's the same as it ever was, but in fact his 2009 line of .318/.377/.404 — even after his late swoon — is notably superior to his combined 2007-08 stats of .290/.330/.344.

But the issue is more one of perception than production. Pierre is a table-setter who's being paid like a savior. And that's Ned Colletti's fault. Right now the relationship between the fans and Pierre is peachy because the team's winning. The fans are right to support Pierre, and Pierre's right to try his best. But if things should go sour, both parties should blame the matchmaker, not the marriage.

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Unknown said...

I am setting the O/U on the distance of that throw in the picture of 120 feet.

Josh S. said...

Fine Juan, see if you ever get a "Thanks for not sucking" ovation again!

karina said...

Not only is a matter of superior and more productive numbers, it's a question of timing, when he got to do that performance.

rbnlaw said...

Thanks to the Beast for almost ruining the feel good moment of the summer. I was one of those giving him a standing O on Thursday.
My kids love JP for his style of play and the fact that he had big shoes to fill.

I won't be telling them that he's still a little self-absorbed and delusional.