Saturday, July 04, 2009

I'm Too Sexy for This Farm

Photo: Shawn Estes, circa Sling Blade 2

In the Post-Zito America, where a man can make over $18 million for winning a third of the time, it was inevitable that the entitlement of the mediocre would spread to the dusty trails of New Mexico. As the New York Post reports...

There were reports floating around that former Mets starter Shawn Estes had retired from baseball.

But Estes, who was pitching in the Dodgers farm system, insists that rumor is false.

"I retired from Triple-A, let's put it that way," Estes told the Reno-Gazette Journal. "Mentally, I wasn't into it. I needed the big league atmosphere and big league hitters to get those juices flowing. [Insert Manny's juices flowing joke here.]"

Estes was 3-4 with a 3.07 ERA for Triple-A Albuquerque before he apparently decided he was too good for minor-league baseball.

"I didn't feel I was ever going to pitch in Triple-A," Estes told his hometown paper.

With a lifetime 4.71 ERA, I am not sure how he came to that conclusion. But anyway, he is still property of the Dodgers and GM Ned Coletti is open to offers.

Imagine how dangerous the Dodgers would be with a seven-game winner from 2005.


Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

That's a shame. He could have brought sexy back to the minors.