Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Slow Are These Three News Days?

So slow, that this qualifies for "news": Dodger CEO Jamie McCourt gets interrupted while trying to enjoy the Maccabiah games, and answers some softball questions about Manny Ramirez.

Yawn. But hey, rather than yawn (after all, you did enough of that in the Home Run Derby), why not go all mini-FJM on this puffpiece?

JERUSALEM -- The Los Angeles Dodgers' CEO says slugger Manny Ramirez has "paid the penalty" for violating baseball's drug policy and it's not for her to judge his actions.

Nope, no judging here. Which is why your husband Frank made such a big deal to the press about Manny's owner-imposed apology less than one week after the suspension news broke. But this isn't Judge Jamie. Nosiree.

Jamie McCourt, in Israel for the 18th Maccabiah Games, said Monday she was as surprised as anyone when Ramirez was suspended. He recently returned from a 50-game suspension.

"Not everyone is perfect and I am not going to judge what anyone does in their lives," McCourt said. "But he has paid the penalty and it is now up to us to welcome him back to the team. It is up to the fans to decide how he is embraced and so far they have been supportive."

Let's paraphrase, shall we? "I'm not going to pass judgment on Manny Ramirez. But I am going to demand that the fans take stock of Ramirez' suspension as a just punishment, and now demand that they welcome Manny back with open arms." Wow, that sounds ridiculously duplicitous. If the fans want to boo--as they have on the road so far, welcoming Manny back--it is their right to do so. Sorry, Jamie.

McCourt said she has become close with several Dodger greats, including Sandy Koufax, who is also Jewish.

"Sandy has become a close personal friend and a brother to me," she said.

Hey look, I have famous friends!

And what about Ramirez?

"Manny is Manny," she said. "He goes about his business and he works hard to be good at what he does. From a work ethic perspective and how he prepares for a game he is a good addition to the team and an example" for the younger players.

Pay no attention to the female fertility drug behind the curtain. Nope, that's all work ethic.


Dodger Heaven said...

and the negative, dodger bashing resumes.

Steve Sax said...

Hey man, it's an off-day. I'm allowed to be salty when I'm in withdrawal.

And to be fair, my mockery is primarily directed at the guy who wrote this puff piece. And maybe a little at Jamie McCourt for some uncharacteristically lightweight quotes.

And maybe a bit at Manny Ramirez. But I'm not booing Manny by any means.