Monday, July 06, 2009

Even Can't Resist The Fat Jokes

"Tightly packed," indeed. This is Pedro Sandoval we're talking about!

Oh, and did I mention? VOTE BISON NOW!


Josh S. said...

There was this one a couple weeks ago that killed me:

Controlling weight key to Sandoval's prowess
Third baseman exercises daily; success at dish noticeable

Yes, he is quite successful at THE DISH.

rbnlaw said...

Should be "dishes" since he seems to love buffets.

Vote Bison.

Steve Sax said...

rbnlaw, not necessarily. It's a pretty big dish, with a wide diameter.

NicJ said...

Well lets see what the rest of the guys on the ballot did today while kemp had the day off.

Pablo Sandoval - Hit a Grand Slam

Shane Victorino - 4-5 with a HR in a 22-1 beatdown of the Reds

Mark Reynolds - Game winning walk off single.

Cristian Guzman - 0-4 (but who was gonna vote for him anyways)

We have got some work to do friends...

Josh S. said...

Matt's got two games in a big market (that also hates Victorino) before the deadline. Time to shine!