Friday, July 03, 2009

Confessions of a Dodger Fan - Can't Dodge the Dog

Top: The original Dodger Dog. Bottom: The Super Dodger Dog.

Ah, Dodger Dogs. You can't beat them. It is almost like comfort food when you visit Dodger Stadium. I remember going to Dodger games when I was younger and feeling so proud that I could eat an entire Dodger Dog in one sitting. Now I can easily put 2 or 3 down at once. I love how the hot dog is longer than the bun and flops out the ends so that your first bite is pure dog. Of course, you have to fill up on the ketchup, mustard, relish, and I always get the raw onions. I don't care how about my breath later, it is all about my taste buds now.

According to the Farmer John website, the original Dodger Dog has 240 calories, 34% total fat, and 36% sodium. Wow! That is a lot of calories. And it isn't like I actually burn off those calories while sitting in my seat watching the game and incidentally gorging on another time-honored tradition - the chocolate malt in the 7th inning. By the way, will they ever bring back the delicious Cool-A-Coo?

I haven't visited as many ballparks as some of my other brothers (especially Sax and Karros), but have been to some parks that have a different spin on the dog. At Wrigley, the Chicago dog has a tomato and this strange florescent green relish. And at Miller Park, the bratwurst are great with the "secret sauce," but it just doesn't have that hot dog tradition. Anyone go to any other ballparks with good hot dogs?

This year, I have tried to branch out from the plain old Dodger Dog and have started to buy the Super Dodger Dog. According to Wikipedia, the Super Dodger Dog is beef instead of pork. I actually like it a little better. The cost is incremental (I think 75 cents more). It doesn't flop off the ends like the original and is shorter, but is much thicker in girth. It seems to fill me up a little more. I feel sort of bad not buying the original and I even think that it affects my Dodger karma. I didn't have a Dodger Dog at the last 2 games and both were losses. Do you think I am pissing off the Dodger gods? Should I return to the "old reliable"?

So, I think it is back to the original for me. And to make up for all of the lost Dodger Dogs, I was lucky to be shopping at Smart & Final and found this:

I am having my family over for a July 4th BBQ and guess what will be the main course! Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable red, white, and GO BLUE day!

Have you
never eaten a Dodger dog.
eaten a Dodger dog, but didn't like it.
eaten a Dodger dog and loved it.
eaten a Dodger dog and think you could have it for 3 meals a day.
eaten a Dodger dog and ... (fill in your words in the comment section) free polls


Mr. Customer said...

The Day-Glo relish is featured on many Chicago-style dogs, and while suspect under visual inspection, is quite tasty. Neither the tomato or diminutive dog are thrilling, but can be tolerated. The real travesty of the Wrigley hot dog is the soaked-sponge abomination of a bun.

All hail the super-dog. If it sat on the rack next to dodger dogs, how bad could it's karma possibly be.

Josh S. said...

I'll get the Super if I'm sitting in a section where the grilled Dodger Dogs aren't readily available.

jason said...

i love dodger dogs. i need to have a dodger dog ever game i go to, no matter how much i ate before the game. going to chavez ravine without having any form of dodger dog is like going to paris without visiting the eiffel tower. it just doesn't feel like were really there.

on a side note, i think dodger stadium would benefit from having more vendors selling dodger dogs amongst the aisles. unfortunately, ive missed many innings waiting in line for a dog. i feel like i can find anything else from the vendors in the aisles, but i rarely ever see anybody selling dogs in the stands anymore.

Ken said...

grilled dodger dogs are the best, and how it was meant to be cooked.