Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dodgers (4+1) = #3

According to 7,677 respondents in last week's online sports poll on latimes.com, regarding the best sports moment in Los Angeles in 2006, the third-highest number of votes went to the Dodgers' historic comeback victory against the Padres:

Event % of votes
UCLA upset of USC in football 29.0%
Kobe Bryant's 81-point game 26.1%
Dodgers' four consecutive home runs in a game 19.0%
UCLA men's basketball advances to NCAA title game 9.6%
USC football in the national championship game 9.2%
Clippers reach the Western Conference semifinals 3.8%
Travis Pastrana's double backflip at the X-Games 1.9%
Dodgers clinch the National League wild-card spot 1.3%

I understand the UCLA/USC football game and the Kobe 81 game. But the Clippers and Travis Pastrana voters (both of them) should be ashamed of themselves.


Orel said...

What, some random guys starting a random blog about the Dodgers didn't make the list?