Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rob Neyer Chat Doubles Gillette NL West Output

Tuesday's ESPN.com baseball chat is from Rob Neyer. Once again, the chat recap is reserved for ESPN Insiders only, and once again, it gives only tangential references to the NL West.

Neyer keeps up the tradition of ESPN.com by keeping NL West references to two questions out of a possible 31, or a 6.4% of the output (relative to 16.7%, which is the percentage of NL West teams across MLB teams). But with two questions, Neyer has doubled the output of his colleague, Gary Gillette, who answered one NL West question yesterday. Gillette is probably chasing after him in the hallways (though likely not with a pair of barber's shears).

Alas, neither reference involves the Dodgers:

Tom (Denver, CO): Will there ever to an end to the rebuilding in Colorado? O'Dowd has had the better part of a decade to do something and all I see is Helton's gimpy back to show for all of it.

Rob Neyer: As I've said many times, I've got a great deal of respect for Dan O'Dowd. Good man, smart man. But it's hard to defend his record as GM over all these years.

Todd (Boston): What about your unnatural like for Clay Hensley or Charlie Haeger?

Rob Neyer: You know, it's a little disconcerting when you can answer a question about me better than I can answer it. Anyway, yes those two are my favorites. I like Haeger because he's unique in recent baseball history, and I like Hensley because he is, outwardly at least, a completely normal member of our species (and also because his story is inspiring, and he pitched for Portland).

There you have it, NL West fans. Look for more ESPN.com baseball columnist insight on the NL West, coming February 7th. 2009.