Thursday, January 25, 2007

Steiner Chats, Without the Express Written Consent of Major League Baseball

"And he hits one into the gap!...Why are you laughing?" has posted a transcript of a recent chat with announcer Charley Steiner.

The former Yankees announcer raised my eyebrows with this response...

Question: Being a New York native who would you root for if the Dodgers met the Yankees in the World Series?

Steiner: The Dodgers. Period. End of story. The first time my father took me to a baseball game was Ebbets Field. The Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds. I was always a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. I was an employee of the Yankees. But the Dodgers have always been my team. That one was easy to answer.

...but redeemed himself with the next question:

Question: What's it like to work with Vin Scully?

Steiner: Vin, simply put, is in my opinion the best baseball broadcaster who has ever lived. Now in my third year working in a parallel universe with Vin, I can't tell you how much I have learned both as a broadcaster and how a broadcaster conducts himself in the booth and away. He has an elegance and an ease and a confidence and a rhythm to his broadcast like no one else. And so to be around it and him almost every day of the season has been an absolute joy. One of the highlights that I have on a daily basis, especially at Dodger Stadium, is at about 5:30 in the afternoon before every home game, Vin, Rick Monday, Billy Delury and I have a bite to eat and just talk about life. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

Steiner seemed pretty enthusiastic and informed in his chat. He also flashed some nice verbal glovework in talking about doing a broadcast with Rick Monday:

We do it 100 or 115 times a year, every single day. We eat together, we broadcast together and when we do a game, we're about three feet away from one another. You can't get any closer than that and so my heartfelt sympathies go out to Rick.

Trust us, Charley, you're the one who should receive the sympathies.

Also at is Ken Gurnick's preview of the Dodgers' outfielders.

photo by John Soo Hoo/Los Angeles Dodgers


Steve Sax said...

Is it just me or us everyone in the Dodgers' organization constantly talking about food?

Maybe that's how the Olmedo Saenz Pavilion idea got catalyzed.

Orel said...

I'm hoping Ned can acquire Jimmy Gobble and Felix Pie.

Steve Sax said...

Mind the gap, people!

Steve Sax said...

Also, note that this picture is at least one year old (from the seat colors).

John Soo Hoo must be getting lazy.