Monday, January 29, 2007

Looking Like a Vermilion Dollars

Following the lead of the always-fashionable Arizona Diamondbacks, the Pirates unveiled red uniforms of their own. The new red unis, which debuted at PirateFest this weekend (no Johnny Depp appearances, sorry), will be the Pirates' second alternate home uniform and will be saved for Friday night games.

"Second alternate home uniform?" Hmm, this couldn't have anything to do with trying to further jack up merchandise revenues, given the pathetic 27th-place ranking in attendance, an injustice for a beautiful park like PNC?

Or, maybe the red uniforms are designed to better conceal the team's embarrassed faces. No word on whether the team will take Adam LaRoche's lead and wear accompanying denim jeans bottoms.

photo: Christopher Horner, Pittsburgh Tribune/Review


Orel said...

Do not adjust your television set.

Lasorda said...

Wow. The rods and cones in my retinas are just getting worn out looking at that gear.

The funny thing about the post is that you managed to identify LaRoche as one of the models. Let's face it, the Pirates could have grabbed any 2 clowns off the street and no one would have known whether they were actual major leaguers (insert joke here).