Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bill Plaschke's Writing Secrets Revealed at Fire Joe Morgan

Fire Joe Morgan has an incredibly entertaining lead to its latest skewering of Bill Plaschke, the journalistic embarrassment to the LA Times' Sports page. With the sports section shrinking each week, Plaschke's proportion of the section grows, which means the proportion of "lame" grows.

Sidebar: For people slow to understand this concept, if X is the numerator and Y is the denominator, holding X constant and decreasing Y means that the fraction (X/Y) will increase. Why do I point this out? I don't want to confuse any baseball columnists.

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Over at FJM, they roast media journalists who can't do their jobs.

Here at SoSG, we are a relative youngster to the blog world.

Over at FJM, they've been around a while.

Here at SoSG, we know the difference between good and bad writing.

Over at FJM, too. And they're funny, too.

It's going to take too much space to correctly replicate the blockquote, so let me just implore you to check out this link.


Orel said...

Brilliant. I can only aspire to such heights of mockery and sarcasm.