Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sele? Really?

Just a quick post on 2006 Dodger Aaron Sele, who has taken his 8-6 record and 4.53 ERA to the New York Mets. Sele signed a minor-league contract and gets $1M if he makes the team (plus an additional $1M in incentives). Robert over at Trolley Dodger gives a good recap of how the Mets' Omar Minaya covets anyone who had playing time with the Dodgers.

There is upside, though. If that all-former-Dodger relay throw had gone from Shawn Green to Jose Valentin to Aaron Sele before reaching Paul LoDuca, in last year's NLDS Game 1, Jeff Kent may have had time to score the tying run.

JD Drew, however, would have still been tagged out trying to tiptoe his way in (rather than bowling over LoDuca, as he should have done).


Orel said...

Okay. Why you got to bring that up again.