Monday, January 22, 2007

Gary Gillette Barely Nicks NL West

If you're a Dodger fan and you're considering whether or not to purchase an Insider subscription, you should definitely factor into your decision the amount of east-coast fodder through which you must wade to find shreds of information about the Dodgers, or even the NL West.

Take Gary Gillette, for example, who chats on as one of the special ESPN Insider benefits. It's troubling enough that this man has a last name Gillette and yet sports a Ted Kaczynski-like beard. Or that his credentials list "[h]e MLB Insider," as if an internet subscription membership merits placement on one's curriculum vitae.

But I digress. In Gillette's latest chat, posted today, Gillette fielded 37 questions--only one of which was relevant to the entire NL West. 1-for-37 is a 0.027 average, in the range of Dioner Navarro's percentage of base stealers thrown out at second. Like the Amish people that his visage resembles, Gillette only has interest in east coast events.

I suppose I should be ever so grateful that his one NL West reference was germane to the Dodgers:

luke (los angeles): Gary, does [Matt] Kemp make the Dodgers roster and if so what is your take on his "potential"?

Gary Gillette: Not sure if he'll make the OD roster, but I think his longterm potential is huge.

And there you have it, Dodger fans. SoSG combs reams of text each day in order to pull out the one nugget of information about our beloved team.

Even if the nugget is a lame little quip.