Monday, January 29, 2007

Mark McGwire Is No Food Critic

From Buster Olney's blog today, which recapped the New York Baseball Writers' dinner this weekend, including a sweet bit of wordplay involving McGwire:

"Three hours into the evening and not a word at the lectern about steroids, until comedian Bill Scheft's politically incorrect performance. Not three minutes into his act, Scheft introduced the 's' word. He said that Mark McGwire didn't attend, because McGwire heard one of the dinner courses would be an Italian dish and he "didn't want to talk about the pasta." McGwire, Scheft said, took andro just to be able to lift 'that giant son of his.'

"Bud Selig wasn't at the dinner, but Scheft posed the question, 'When is Bud going to come down hard on Barry Bonds?' Bonds' reported blame of teammate Mark Sweeney for a positive amphetamines test was, said Scheft, 'the first time Bonds gave a teammate credit for anything.' Scheft went on to take shots at the size of Bonds's head.

Maybe Bill Scheft reads SoSG?