Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bonds' SF Fan Base Inversely Proportional to Head Size

Today's New York Times had an article on Barry Bonds' eroding fan base in San Francisco, the only city left that would take him. This week, the Giants had their annual Fan Fest event--and Bonds was unsurprisingly absent, leaving both Giants fans without an autograph.

The front office has gotten the message. As he signed baseballs during the event, Peter Magowan, the team’s managing general partner, said he was aware that Bonds was facing a growing number of critics in the only major league city where he had been popular in recent seasons.

“I think it changed since the end of last season,” Magowan said. “There are more against him than there have been in the past.”

Despite reports that Bonds tested positive for amphetamines last season and claimed a teammate as the source, Magowan said that ticket sales for 2007 were unaffected.

Who needs a Bonds autograph when you can get a Magowan signature? Magowan enters the 2007 season only 755 home runs behind Aaron.

Meanwhile, leave it to a ninth-grader to encapsulate the feelings of San Francisco fans on Bonds:

Conor Armor, a ninth-grader from Santa Cruz, expressed the conflicting views of many in the Bay Area when he said: “Barry doesn’t have a whole lot of morals. But I still love to watch him.”

Do the deal, Sabean!


Orel said...

Another fan's view of FanFest.

Steve Sax said...

Gotta love it, especially when it's titled "FanFest Sucked."