Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Giants Taking Less of a Chance with Bonds

"Honestly, Officer, I'm not juicing! My head has always been this size!"

Welcome to Barry Bonds bullet point night!

From "Bonds gives Giants right to terminate deal" (AP/ESPN.com):

NEW YORK -- Barry Bonds gave the San Francisco Giants the right to terminate his $15.8 million, one-year contract if he is indicted.

The unusual provision could set off a legal test between the individual player contract and the union's collective bargaining agreement. The language, included in the deal that was completed Monday night, is designed by the team to protect itself in case Bonds is charged in the federal government's steroids investigation.

  • Not sure how much Barry is risking here. That $15.8 million should be able to buy a lot of lawyers to contest a potential termination.

  • Jayson Stark writes:

    ...even if Bonds were to be indicted, you could very well see him going the Koby [sic] Bryant legal-commuter route, and jetting from court room to batter's box when necessary....

    "The Giants' only concern," [Bonds' agent Jeff] Borris said, pointedly, "should be where to erect the statue of Barry Bonds in the plaza -- and who the sculptor will be."

  • First of all, that's "Kobe." But the mistake is understandable—after all, he's kind of obscure.

  • Secondly, "I'll meet you by the Bonds statue" doesn't sound quite right. But least it should be easy to spot.

  • From an ESPN.com article about the newer, nicer Bonds:

    Bonds met with about 200 club employees. Bonds spoke to the employees, answered questions and even took pictures with employees, most of whom had never met him before in his 14 years with the Giants.

    Also Tuesday, Giants president Peter Magowan admitted that re-signing Bonds was a risky move, but one that he was comfortable making.

  • I bet Barry already knew everybody in Accounting.

  • Isn't a "risky" move by definition one you're uncomfortable making?


    Anonymous said...

    He's out there scraping for an extra buck, though:

    Orel said...

    How much must he have gotten for that appearance?