Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Comment of the Week

The latest Comment of the Week comes from one "al kirchner":

dear Mr. Sax, in continuing effort to stalk you until you give me a job, I saw you last fall up in EDH and met with you downtown in Roseville. Also to query if you are really actually into any of these chanteuses pictured here? Grew up with a certain soul-man, one Jeffrey Gaines, back east who toured with Ms. Amos -- INTER ALIA. I Heard she is a very boring lei which is simply a Hawaiian floral decorative. I am in Merrill series 7 training downtown on arden, you mentioned March for possible Dain openings. Please let me know, really want to join RBC Dain and get off the LYNCH mob!!!

to which Sax responded:

Hi Al. I have never met you in EDH or Roseville and have no openings at RBC Dain. You must have me mixed up with, er, some other Steve Sax.

And that's why the SoSG are anonymous, people.