Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tsao Signing Reveals Nationality Questions

I don't read the Sporting News all that much, but their latest weekly wrap-up revealed some interesting news on new Dodgers pitcher Chin-Hui Tsao (my emphasis in bold non-italic font):

The team has a counterpart to lefty Hong-Chih Kuo, having signed righthander Chin-Hui Tsao, whose aborted closer career ended with being non-tendered by Colorado. Like Kuo, Tsao is a one-time Taiwanese phenom signed for big bucks before injury derailed him. After coming off Tommy John surgery, he had shoulder surgery in May of 2005 and hasn't pitched in a game since, but the Dodgers will take the chance that he can come back the way Kuo has from two Tommy John procedures.

"One-time Taiwanese"? The Dodgers should make sure they discover Tsao's other nationality (nationalities?), as part of their outreach marketing to Los Angeles' diverse ethnic communities.

I'm hoping Tsao is part-Persian, myself.


Orel said...

"Part-Persian"? Please explain.

Steve Sax said...

Nothing hidden there--just trying to shout out to a ethnic community for which the Dodgers haven't had representation as of yet.

I didn't know LA had the largest populations of Japanese and Persians in the US. (And if it's on wikipedia, it's gotta be true.)

Rob said...

Cool! He could be like my favorite young Japan League pitcher, Yu Darvish, who's half Japanese and half Persian (Iranian). Woot!

Steve Sax said...

Rob, you darvish devil, you.

Seriously, any reference to the Nippon Ham Fighters is fine by me. I love fighting Hams (including West Ham).