Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lasorda Calls Garvey a Role Model

From "Garvey takes one last shot at Hall: Former Dodger, Padre on BBWAA Ballot for final time" by Ken Gurnick at Dodgers.com:

"Steve Garvey is a Hall of Famer in all ways, as far as I'm concerned," said Hall of Fame manager Tom Lasorda, who managed Garvey in the Major and Minor Leagues. "He exemplified the words 'role model,' he was a great hitter, a great ballplayer."

Is it too cynical of me to note Tommy used "exemplify" in the past tense? (We are an ironically named blog, after all.)

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Steve Sax said...

Says Gurnick, "Garvey now runs a television development company and does community relations work for the Dodgers."

"Community relations."
I'm just saying.

Lasorda said...

Wait a minute. We're "ironically" named?

TheGARV.com said...

Hey what's up. I'm Steve's cousin, also known as TheGARV. Steve belongs in the hall of fame, but steroids are killing his chances. Steroid era numbers dwarf Garvey era numbers. That's what's keeping him out of the Hall.