Saturday, January 20, 2007

Who Will Be the Next Michael Chiklis?

There are differing opinions about Bud Selig's worth to the game and about whether he will even retire, as promised/threatened.

Jerry Crasnick at asks, "Who's going to fill Selig's shoes?" and comes up with a list of possibilities:

  • 1. Andy MacPhail
  • 1(a). Bob DuPuy
  • 2. Steve Greenberg
  • 3. David Montgomery
  • 4. Jimmie Lee Solomon and 5. Jonathan Mariner
  • 6. George Mitchell
  • Cold Plate Special: George W. Bush

If these aren't familiar names—for me, some aren't (who is this "Bush" fellow?)—don't worry. We'll be hearing a lot more about them as 2009 approaches.


Lasorda said...

All you need to know about Bob DuPuy is that he somehow has leveraged being Bud's attorney from Milwaukee (DuPuy was a partner at Foley & Lardner) into the President and Chief Operating Officer of MLB. Not to shabby for a guy who was helping a used car dealer expand his lot. . .

Think Larry H. Parker ain't bitter?

Orel said...

Sounds like a likely replacement....