Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Comment of the Week

The latest Comment of the Week comes from "johnny hatchett," who takes a broader view of our Albert Pujols flip-flop:

Thanks for posting this &, especially, owning up to the fact that you'd previously called out Pujols.

Yup, Pujols made some dumbass remarks, but, it seems to me, we're wrong to so quickly judge a guy's character by a few stray sentences he utters. We've been very wrong before (think: Kirby Puckett, think: Kobe Bryant) &, I have no doubt that we'll be wrong again, again, & again.

peace love gap
Johnny Hatchett

to which I responded:

Excellent examples in Kirby and Kobe.

The Internet is conducive to snap judgments; Pujols' case is a reminder that human complexity can defy the words of some glib blogger.

I then proceeded to type up a zippy little headline regarding a certain slugger who is strongly suspected to have taken steroids.

Thanks, Johnny, for helping to keep us honest!