Monday, January 22, 2007

Dodgers Have Opportunity to Corner the Market on Del??n Youngs

Could the Devil Rays be making a Kazmir-sized mistake of their own? Those rumormongers at MLB Trade Rumors cite a Sporting News report that the Rays have been willing to discuss trades for Delmon Young (pride of "Camirillo [sic] HS" and not to be confused with current Dodger minor leaguer Delwyn Young) and fellow perceived malcontent B.J. Upton:

It's tough to envision [Delmon] Young going anywhere. Despite the bat-throwing, the 21 year-old has star written all over him. He's got some interesting comparables, according to Baseball Prospectus. The most similar player is the very solid former Astros and Reds CF Cesar Cedeno. His list also includes Rocco Baldelli, Orlando Cepeda, Elijah Dukes, Ruben Sierra, Milton Bradley, Sammy Sosa, Hank Aaron, and Jeff Francoeur. I didn't know PECOTA used attitude as a variable (Dukes, Bradley).

Hey, PECOTA humor!

Anyway, Delmon's bat-throwing/tossing incident is a cause for concern, but any kid who rates Hank Aaron as a comp has to be droolworthy, right?

Ultimately, bringing Delmon home is a pipe dream since the Dodgers already have their own droolworthy outfielder, a guy named Matt Kemp. But it's fun to dream.

Speaking of signings, here's some unexpected humor from's Tom Singer.

photo by Chuck Solomon/SI