Sunday, January 28, 2007

What Do Sammy Davis Jr. and Julio Lugo Have in Common?

Via Baseball Prospectus comes this Julio Lugo quote about playing for the Dodgers:

It was a difficult situation for me being on the Dodgers. I wasn’t being myself. I’m the type of guy — I can’t be on the bench. I need to be out there wasting all my energy and trying to play and make something happen and just to be out there everyday and from now on, I’m just going to be myself. You try to improve every day, not only defensively, but offensively, the whole area. Basestealing, everything.

Not sure how to take this quote. On one hand I want to rip the guy for sucking for us because "he wasn't being himself."

Wasn't being himself? If I wake up with incapacitating menstrual cramps, do I call work and say, "Can't make it in! Not being myself." No! Mostly because I'm a guy! But still!

On the other hand, Lugo showed some restraint in his choice of words, thankfully eschewing the "Dodgers disrespected me" routine. So he wins a point there.

Ultimately, I'll judge Lugo's brief Dodgers tenure based on how Joel Guzman and Sergio Pedroza turn out. Because even though I know we don't use money to buy poo, that's how my simple mind works.

Ouch! Was that a cramp?


Steve Sax said...

Is it lame (and obvious) to suggest that Julio and Sammy kinda look the same, too?

felix said...

Colletti must have seen something and got rid of a falling stock. Guzman is the Cold Plate Special in this ESPN article.

Orel said...

Sax: I noticed too. Saved me some Photoshop time.

Felix: But he's only 22!

Rob said...

The pic there -- why, absolute genius!