Friday, January 19, 2007

Stuck With You?

This interesting tidbit from the San Francisco Chronicle via's "Truth & Rumors" column:

The Giants have discussed walking away from the Barry Bonds deal, according to people familiar with their thinking. Ironically, the leaked drug test that embarrassed Bonds last week might be his best insurance policy for staying with the Giants in 2007. According to multiple industry sources, the Giants cannot use the failed drug test to walk away from the contract because legally they should not have received the confidential information.

So it's like, We were together then we decided to break up but then we decided to get together again and now you can't dump me because I cheated but only to try to help us and you weren't supposed to find out but once you did instead of keeping it between us you had to go and tell everybody?


Steve Sax said...

...and because of all of that, we have to stay together now and go to the spring formal.

Just think about how small that corsage is going to look juxtaposed with that swollen head.