Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dodgers Get More Publicity Over Voracious Appetites

As if the Olmedo Saenz Pavilion didn't do enough public relations damage to the Dodgers, ESPN profiles the Dodgers as its Hot Stove Heater Team of 2007. Consider the lead paragraphs in John Shea's article:

The Dodgers are hungry. Missing from the World Series the past 18 years and winning just one playoff game in that time, the Dodgers are more than due. They're two years from matching the longest drought in their history -- they failed to reach the World Series annually from 1921 to 1940.

Will it happen in 2007?

Oh wait, they're not talking about food. My mistake!

It's actually a pretty comprehensive, albeit not insightful, article. Shea underscores the importance of the pitching staff, the youngsters, and Luis Gonzalez. As for the Juan Pierre acquisition, Shea offers this:

Furthermore, Pierre's arrival as part of a 1-2 stolen-base threat with Furcal will prompt manager Grady Little to orchestrate an enhanced running game, which could allow Garciaparra, Kent and Gonzalez to see more fastballs.

That of course assumes Pierre, who sported a .330 OBP last year (trailing Furcal's .369 OBP), gets on base. We're hoping he does, as I can't wait to see the on-field ballet Grady Little will be choreographing as he "orchestrates an enhanced running game."

Shea ends with this:

Ned Colletti, who has been among the game's most active general managers since he was hired away from the Giants on Nov. 16, 2005, won't be afraid to pull the trigger approaching the July 31 trade deadline if the Dodgers need to bolster their roster for the push to the playoffs.

Atlanta's Andruw Jones could be available. Or Minnesota's Torii Hunter. Both are eligible for free agency next winter, and the Dodgers, without a World Series appearance since 1988, have waited too long not to go for it all.

The youngsters had better show their stuff early on (and here's hoping they at least get the opportunity). We all have a pretty good idea how this Ned Colletti story will end.


Orel said...

Are you saying Grady will be making orchestral manoeuvres in the park?

Steve Sax said...

Shame, shame on you, Orel. That was awful.

Orel said...

Hey, it was your gag. You bring this upon yourself.