Friday, August 03, 2012

Post-Game Thread: Thar' She Boulleaus (Olympic Soccer)

Forgot to post the Game Thread on this one this morning, but Laure Boulleau and her French team advanced in Olympic soccer by beating Sweden today, 2-1.

Remember, last time these two teams met, in the Women's World Cup 2011, Sweden came out on top. Take a look at what that means, by the way; not such a bad thing in my book. But Les Bleues move on to face Japan on Monday, with today's hard-fought victory.

Laure Boulleau did not play today, so today's picture is one of Laure looking longingly from the side. Sigh.

(Oh, and the US beat New Zealand, so it looks like we'll play Canada in the other semifinals; Canada is up 2-0 on Great Britain right now.)


MR.F said...

No love for Alex Morgan?

spank said...


spank said...

"With your long blond hair and your eyes Boulleau"