Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mattingly Anoints Eric Stephen Dodger Brainiac

This just kicks so much ass. From T.J. Simers' latest column in the LA Times:
MATTINGLY LIKES to joke that's Eric Stephen knows more about the Dodgers than anyone else in the media.

"Go ahead, Eric," I tell him after Mattingly speaks highly of Stephen again, "ask him about some minor leaguer."

"All right, I'll ask about Juan Rivera," says Stephen, while asking Mattingly how he can stay with someone playing so poorly.


The obvious answer: What's his other choice, playing James Loney? But then Rivera was actually hitting below the Loney line before Wednesday.

"I think you should pay attention to what Eric has to say," says Mattingly, Stephen pronouncing Rivera as disappointing as Loney. "But everything Eric is saying is up to this point."

And Mattingly apparently thinks things will change, so it's too early to say whether Stephen knows more than the media and Mattingly as well.

And how about the quick Eric Stephen wit with the Juan Rivera line? Well played, very well played. Congrats!


Fred's Brim said...

I wonder how Jim Leyland would have handled that...

Franklin Stubbs said...

One can only imagine…