Monday, August 06, 2012

At-Game Recap: Aug. 4 vs. Cubs

Magic Matt hits the go-ahead home run.

Apparently 1908 is the loneliest number.

"Keep your brain inside your cranium, little girl!"

Hanley checks the boys before his at-bat.

"Good job, boys!"

More photos after the jump!

Clayton Kershaw being given wide berth before the game.

First pitch.

Reads: "Positive Trend: Had the first multi-homer game of his career last night and tied his career-high with three hits, while also trending nationally on Twitter."

"Onward, caballeros!"

photos by SoSG Orel


Franklin Stubbs said...

Cubs fans' self-flagellation is tiring.

Steve Sax said...

Sweet pics, Orel!

Alex Cora said...

Sweet comments Orel! Had me laughing with the boys comment.