Friday, August 06, 2010

Vin Scully, on English 101

Willie Mays and Masanori Murakami.

Vin Scully, from last night's telecast:

[after a shot of Clayton Kershaw talking to Hiroki Kuroda]

No language barrier between two pitchers.

Ball three.

I always remember the first Japanese pitcher, Masanori Murakami. Came over with the Giants. Didn't speak a word of English, and the manager was Herman Franks.

Little ground ball to Adrian, they'll get the out.

And they taught him to say something whenever Herman came to the mound. What did they teach him?

When the manager came out, he said, "Take a hike!"

photo: Bettmann/CORBIS


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Dylan Hernandez adversary and noted food enthusiast Hank Schulman says Dodgers likely claimed Adam Dunn

Greg Finley said...

I also like how the third out came right after Vinny began telling this story, yet he was able to abridge it perfectly before the cut to commercials without it seeming rushed. He has an amazing talent for that.