Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Q: Why Aren't There Any MLB Teams in South Carolina?

A: Because South Carolinians may not be able to find their way to the stadium.

Hat tip to Deadspin for this non-sports-related post. I know, it's a bit mean-spirited of us to post this. But it's funny. And Lord knows the Dodgers need some humor right now.

BTW, gotta love Mario Lopez trying not to bust a gut as he takes the microphone back. Too bad poor Lauren Caitlin Upton wasn't Saved By The Bell.

UPDATE: For even more fun, here's Morning Toast with a map that you can use to follow along with Upton's stream of consciousness. Fire up the video, listen to the audio, and follow the map. Good times!


Orel said...

And yet—she makes more sense than Rick Monday.

Orel said...

Pageant contestant re-answers question

Rob said...

Her job is to be really, really hot while standing poised in front of the letters, ready to turn them at any time. Right?

Rob said...

Besides, she was probably being very 420-friendly at the time.

Orel said...

Don't they test Miss Teen USA for drugs? Or maybe she was on 'roids?

Eric Karros said...

Holy crap that was painful to watch.

I initially backed her decision to abandon the "because some people don't have maps" idea. But her Plan B was even worse.