Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A quick shout out to another enhanced slugger

Now we can get on with the rest of the season (except for anyone involved with the Dodgers, the new Stranded Runners King). I've hugged complete strangers (albeit, usually when I'm drunk) with more sincerity than how Bonds embraced his son. Made me sort of miss the king of the hugs... Mark McGwire.

Bonds began to show he's not a machine when tearing up at the mention of his father. But it didn't take away from how the rest of the team reacted - I've seen those guys get more excited for a sacrifice bunt.

All differences aside, I think Bonds will celebrate his record tonight in a fashion very similar to Big Mac.


Eric Karros said...

I'll bet the Nationals player who gave it up would like to have that pitch bak [sic].

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

His interview after the game was good. When asked about how he and Bonds are now connected, he responded with "Oh yeah, we're going to hang out all the time. Maybe grab some dinner"

Orel said...

Stranded Runners King...nice.