Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Post-Game 119 Thread: 2007 Season in a Nutshell

For those of you lacking the fortitude to endure the latest Dodger loss, here's how their last out went:

7-4 Astros. Brad Lidge pitching. Mark Sweeney on first, Shea Hillenbrand on second. One out. Juan Pierre at bat. Matt Kemp (who homered earlier) on deck. Pierre fouls out to the catcher. No problem, Kemp up with a chance to tie, right? Not so fast! Sweeney, thinking the game is over, is caught loitering around second and gets thrown out at first. NOW the game is over.

To paraphrase Vin, now he's a real Dodger!


Rob at 6-4-2 brings us a transcript of Vin calling the end of the game.

It seems like Dodger Blues was made for games like this.

Jon's take: "Forget it, Mark. It's Chinatown."

Diamond Leung gets in a zinger of his own.

From Tony Jackson:

Mark Sweeney never came out of the video room after the game, and who can really blame him?


Rob said...


Orel said...

Thanks, Rob. When nothing else is left, we can still get the details right.

Rob said...

The funniest part of the whole thing might just have been the gophercam at first showing Lance Berkman jumping up and down like a maniacal Richard Simmons as he was trying to get the attention of Brad Ausmus for the throw.

What is a puzzlement: why did the umpires not call the infield fly rule?

Orel said...

Doesn't apply to foul balls, perhaps?