Monday, August 27, 2007

Starbucks, Meet Frankie McCourt. Frankie, Starbucks.

Remember that marathon game back on August 18? The 14-inning, five-hour plus game in which the Dodgers lost, 7-4?

Turns out that, according to my father (he goes by "Mr. Sax"), who stayed for the duration--that around the 10th inning all of the concession stands started closing up such that he couldn't even buy a cup of coffee. He went up a couple of times to the field-level concourse, and the vendors had boarded their stalls up as if Hurricane Katrina was rolling into town. Imagine that: adding to the already long list of woes of the poorly-designed and worse-executed Dodger Stadium concession stands, is the fact that at 12 midnight, they can't even serve their loyal fans some coffee.

Seems to me like this would be a huge business opportunity for an enterprising entrepreneur who wanted to serve coffee--in the stands, on the concourse, or even from temporary carts in the parking lot as the crowds filed out. Five-dollar coffee sold by the cup, Frank--I'm shocked that you haven't thought of this revenue opportunity by now.

Now if we could only find a coffee vendor...anyone know any names?

This business idea and incremental revenue opportunity provided by Sons of Steve Garvey at no cost to the Dodgers organization. Use as directed.


Orel said...

I was at that game. Thing is, around the 10th inning the Dodgers started closing up shop too.

Steve Sax said...

Thank you, Chavez Ravine! Good night!