Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time to Play the Kids More...Except Russell

If you were waiting for the Dodgers' struggles to reach a nadir, it just happened. And even if this team pulls a miracle out its ass and makes the post-season, it's another three-and-out waiting to happen. So in the spirit of being really pissed off right now, we look ahead to 2008. Some suggestions:

  • (1) DFA Mark Sweeney. Now. The Dodger organization should show the team and its fans that although we are losers, we are professional losers.
  • (2) Put Derek Lowe on the DL and let him fix that hip for next season.
  • (3) Play James Loney, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier as often as possible.
  • (4) Promote Jonathan Meloan and, when he's healthy, Andy LaRoche.
  • (5) Rest Russell Martin more often. He's already fatigued and therefore more susceptible to injury.
  • (6) Fire—er, do not renew the contract of—Rick Monday.

No more waiver-wire pickups of hoary veterans. No more shuffling the lineup like a blackjack dealer with ADD. If 2007 is the price for keeping the kids, we'll pay it.