Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Post-Game 113 Thread: Streaking Toward History! (Reds 1, Dodgers 0)

With the Reds' second consecutive shutout victory against the Dodgers tonight, the Dodgers are now riding a streak of 28 consecutive scoreless innings, dating back to Saturday's loss to the Diamondbacks. Three straight shutouts? Pshaw. Six-game losing streak? Who cares? A second-straight 1-0 defeat for Chad Billingsley? Whatever.

The Dodgers are 58.3% of the way toward equalling the record 48-game scoreless inning streak set by the Chicago Cubs in 1968 (thanks, Bob Timmerman of Dodger Thoughts). According to Bob,

The Cubs had their 48-inning scoreless streak in 1968. They didn't in the last 8 innings of a game in Atlanta which they lost 3-2 in 10. Then they were shut out 1-0 by the Braves in 11. Then they were shut out three straight by the Cardinals in St. Louis. Then they finally got a run in the third at Cincinnati on a sac fly from Billy Williams.

With Juan Pierre in the lineup every day (especialy batting leadoff today, as he went 0-for-4), things look promising for the Dodgers to equal this storied record. The kids aren't hitting. The veterans aren't hitting. All of them are swinging early in the count.

Yeah, sure, we're getting men on base occasionally, and even runners in scoring position every once in a while. But when we can turn leadoff doubles (James Loney, eighth inning today) into double plays (doubled off second from the next batter, Matt Kemp) in the blink of an eye, there's no stopping us.

Layer on top of that Grady Little's inflexibility toward making any reasonably logical lineup adjustments, and you've got yourself a recipe for futility. Twenty more innings to go before history is made. Way to go, Dodgers--aim low.


Alex Cora said...

Fire Bill Mueller and bring back Eddie - Eddie Gaedel that least he didn't swing at the first pitch (or any pitch for that matter) and he got on base!

Eric Karros said...

The graphic makes me want to go play video billiards.

Steve Sax said...

yeah, my powerpoint skills escaped me last night. That's what happens when the Dodgers drive you to drink.