Monday, August 27, 2007

AvB 20: Nobody Beats the Abes 11 Times in a Row

Yesterday you may have heard that David Wells legged out a bunt single, Jonathan Broxton got a hold, and Angelina Jolie announced she was leaving Brad Pitt to pursue me. While each of these events may have been somewhat unexpected, I think we can agree they're not so far fetched that they fall outside the realm of possibility. On the other hand, after totalling up this week's Abes vs Babes scores, it turns out, after 10 consecutive losses, the Abes edged the Babes, 5 - 4.

I was tempted to come full circle and give the Player of the Week Award to Edwin Jackson for his solid performance(W, 1ER in 6IP), but in the end it had to go to Jackson's teammate Josh Wilson for his 2 steals - only the 2nd time the Abes have won the steals category - and the Giants' (cringe) Brian Wilson, who had a 0.00 ERA and 2 saves. These two performances tilted the scores in the Abes favor:

Week 20 Scoreboard:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.247 0.278
Runs 21 28
HRs 4 3
RBIs 13 19
SBs 2 1
ERA 3.54 8.05
Wins 2 1
Saves 4 1
Ks 22 30
Total 5 4
Normalized by AB/IP:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.247 0.278
Runs 23 28
HRs 4 3
RBIs 14 19
SBs 2 1
ERA 3.54 8.05
Wins 3 1
Saves 5 1
Ks 30 30
Total 5 3

The Babes lead the Abes 15-3-2

Yes, it really happened: the Abes beat the Babes straight-up. And in other news, the Red Sox announce they're picking up Brett Tomko to shore up their rotation.


Orel said...

The Abes win, the Dodgers win. Hmmm....