Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hey Ladies!

Who says non-slacker culture dies north of San Francisco? On Tuesday, August 28, Safeco field is hosting one of the greatest promotions of the summer. Read on:

Jackie Koney & Deidre Silva are two Northwest women that love baseball and spending time with family and friends. Together they have formed a social group called the Savvy Girls of Summer and are set to author their first book this fall.

The Savvy Girls of Summer want you to enjoy a game and learn everything you need to know about baseball from their perspective!

Female fans of all ages, as well as children under 14, are invited to join the Savvy Girls of Summer at a pre-game function at Safeco Field's Ellis Pavilion. Festivities begin at 5:05pm. Activities for the evening include social networking, female sports executive speakers, light snacks and beverages and more!

There will be a scoring clinic shown on the Safeco Field video board throughout the game and more fun to be had in the stands with the Savvy Girls.

Almost as good as Latino night (aka Free Maracas Night) in Tampa.


Steve Sax said...

I'm guessing that, like Maracas Night, there won't be enough Savvy Girls to go around. Sigh.

Lasorda said...

"scoring clinic." heh. heh.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

For some reason, my email to them was not responded to. Even though I explained how much I enjoyed the movie Chicago, cried at Monster's Inc, and own a pair of tap shoes. Maybe I should not have put "chicks with sticks" in my subject header.