Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Post-Game 133 Chat: Orel Gets His Sweep (Dodgers 10, Nats 9 / 12)


Well, Orel, you got your sweep. Happy now?

In a game that lasted over four hours on a scorching afternoon, the Dodgers earned a sweep using every trick they had up their sleeves. Overcoming a five-run deficit in the late innings. Jonathan Broxton pitching in a non-hold situation. Takashi Saito pitching in a non-save situation. Scott Proctor pitching not one, not two, but three innings of white-knuckle baseball, his stamina fading with every pitch. James Loney knocking in four runs. Shea Hillenbrand and Russell Martin each homering with one on. Pitcher Eric Stults asked to pinch hit (unsuccessfully, but for what it's worth, Stults fared no worse than Olmedo Saenz today).

And Jeff Kent, sliding into home on the sac fly, bones creaking with each step as he flopped face-first to get his left arm over the plate before the tag. Last night, Kent was "interviewed" on the post-game show by a FSN reporter who failed to bring up any Kent-specific points, despite the fact that Jeff had just surpassed Joe DiMaggio with his 362nd home run, or the fact that Kent was still suffering from the impacts of a vicious beaning Sunday night at the hands of the Mets' John Maine. What kind of post-game reporting is that? Makes me wish for Carolyn Hughes again (right, Derek?). I wasn't watching today's game on television (some of us have to work), but I'm hoping FSN actually asked Kent about his gritty performance today--which won the game for us in the 12th.

Phillies and Braves both won and the Padres/D'backs game is just underway. Thursday is a rest day before we open a three-game series at Petco Park.

UPDATE: Now that I've had the evening to think about the final play, can someone please explain to me why Austin Kearns was playing up in right field, with one out and the bases loaded? Is it to prevent the bloop single, rather than be well-positioned for a throw should a sac fly result? Vin made a big point about saying if Kearns had been playing the position normally, he wouldn't have had to step back and he could have made a more accurate/powerful throw, which would have probably nailed Kent. I don't understand why Kearns was playing in.


Orel said...

Sure I'm happy...until the next series begins.