Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tough Conditions for Gonzo

I didn't see yesterday's game, but by all accounts Luis Gonzalez' misplay of a fly ball yesterday was rather pathetic. To be fair, though, Tony Jackson of Inside the Dodgers (Daily News) posted about the treacherous conditions from left field, including this picture:

I've been to Miller Park (actually, the majority of SoSGers have been to Miller Park), and I have to say it is a quirky park. This picture does seem to indicate how it might have been tough for Gonzo to see the ball against this backdrop.

I should also say, however, that my fondest memory of Miller Park was not the quirks but the SAUSAGES! Man, those were the best bratwursts I've had at a stadium. Unbelievably tasty. And the fans there were quite nice, too--friendly and helpful.

Hopefully Capuano will be more hospitable to the Dodgers than Sheets was yesterday.

photo: Tony Jackson, Daily News


Orel said...

Much friendlier than Cleveland fans.