Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Delino's Parking Solution

Unlike some SoSGers, I am one of the Dodger plebeians, forced to park with the common folk way out in the seventh orbital. But back in 2001, I discovered a small solution to a big annoyance - THE POLICE ACADEMY. With the theme from the Blue Oyster bar still ringing in my ears (it was on my CD player), I parked down the street from the entrance of the Police Academy. Cost of parking - Zero. Time to find a spot - two minutes! Best of all - it took me the a little less time than everyone else to leave, and I got to spend that parking money on beer!

I'm used to schlepping to games. Mostly because my life's mission is to avoid paying for parking. I'd rather spend five dollars in gas looking for a spot than $3.50 on a valet. When I attend USC games, I walk the two miles from the Staples Center and never complain, until my wife won't let me get a third hot dog wrapped in bacon.

This is not to take McCourt off the hook - a lot of people with limps and claustrophobia attend these games (they're called the Giants!). There's NO reason for parking to be like Cube (that Canadian movie about an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps). Heck, I once even gave a ride from Dodgers Stadium to a guy who parked his RV in Los Feliz (true story). People want to come to these games, and should not have to be marathon runners to attend. But the sad truth is that the parking situation is gonna suck for a long time. Start your power walking training today!


Steve Sax said...

Nice post.

I am surprised however that it has taken Delino two months to get The Police Academy referenced in SoSG. Looking forward to your reference for PA7: Mission to Moscow...

Orel said...

I thought you were suggesting we should take a hot-air balloon to the game.